About VidMGR

The VidMGR easy-to-use SaaS video creation tool, allows you to create interactive video with clickable hot spots that increase engagement, and can increase click-through rates up to 30% to 60%.

You can make unlimited clickable hot spots - or pop-up overlays. These can be layered wherever you like over your videos. The popup can display text, images, video within a video, or links to another location. Or user creates bookmarks to explore later.

NOT AVAILABLE WITH ANY OTHER VIDEO TOOL - you can schedule when the video will play, and the geo-location it will play in.

Schedule the day and time the video can play. Or schedule multiple times. Also schedule your video or image to appear over your website at the desired time.

Target the geo-location, anywhere in the world, right down to an individual IP address.

Additional features include creating selectable video endings, where the user selects the ending they want for a video. SEO tagging capabilities, and a full analytics reporting system.

VidMGR gives you the tools to increase user engagement and interaction with your video ... which deepens connection with them ... leads to significantly increased click-through rates, and more sales and revenues from your video marketing efforts.

VidMRG is perfect for eLearning, Hotel/Hospitality, Drone/Aerial videos/Images, Automotive, Real Estate, Construction, Health & Medicine, and many more applications.